Propagation service


Longstock Park Nursery is a part of the Leckford Estate which is fully owned and managed by Waitrose.

The nursery offers a specialist propagation service and, provided that you can supply us with sufficient viable materials, we are able to propagate most species.

Meet our resident expert

Our propagator Peter Moore, who has worked in the specialist field of plant propagation and plant breeding for the past four decades, has successfully managed to propagate some very rare and unusual plants.

He has also breed several outstanding hybrids: Choisya 'Aztec Pearl' being his most successful to date. Others include Oenothera 'Crown Imperial', Weigela 'Ruby Anniversary', Choisya 'Goldfingers' and Buddleja 'Silver Anniversary'.

For more information please visit Peter's personal website: (This link opens a new window).