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Coming Home

Through dark forests, driving rain, clapping thunder and flashing lightning. Across frozen wastes, huge mountains and stormy seas he flies. And all the while he's dreaming of home. Of her. But will he ever get there?




Watch the Waitrose Christmas TV advert 'Coming Home’, featuring the nation’s favourite bird, the robin.

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Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo

Coming Homeby Michael Morpurgo

A plucky little robin sets out on an epic journey. Through dark forests, driving rain, clapping thunder and flashing lights.

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Children's activity pack

You may have watched Robin’s heroic journey from Sweden to the UK in this year’s Waitrose Christmas television advert. Now you can help Robin return home safe and sound by completing the activities in this pack.

Download activity pack >

Download activity pack

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Fun bakes for the family

Coming Homefor teachers & pupils

Inspired by this year’s Waitrose Christmas TV advert, Coming Home is a charming story about a plucky little robin who sets out on an epic journey home.

As home is such an important concept for children we put together some free lesson plans to help you explore the book.

Download the lesson plans >

Download lesson plans