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Terms and conditions

At Waitrose, we believe that you should be able to shop for a fair price without compromising on either quality or service. We know price is really important, and that’s why we put so much effort into getting it right. We have been regularly checking the prices of some of our competitors since 2006, and from 27th September 2010 we committed to be the same price as Tesco - using them as a benchmark for the supermarket industry - on 1000 everyday branded products, week in, week out. As from May 2012, our prices on branded grocery products are identical to those at Tesco, excluding promotions. As you would expect from Waitrose, there are no gimmicks, no coupons to redeem against a later shop, and no need to check your receipt online. We simply match the prices on the shelf, so you benefit immediately when you pay.

We do this by regularly checking for the price of branded products that both Tesco and Waitrose sell. Tesco prices are checked on-line at for a postcode served by large Tesco stores, so prices checked will exclude Tesco Metro and Tesco Express.

Everyday branded products are selected from our food and drink grocery ranges. Standard retail prices are matched on identical branded products at This excludes own-label lines, multi-buys and temporary promotions or any other special offers. In line with our responsible approach to selling alcohol, we will not price match on any alcohol product where to do so would mean selling below cost. If Tesco has an item on a multi-buy promotion (for example, 'buy one get one free'), we will still match the single unit selling price of the item but not offer the free product. If Tesco reduce the price of a product which is pending temporary promotion within Waitrose we remove the product from the selection of products on which we price match.

We re-check prices twice a week, and make necessary changes during two working days. So for example, if Tesco were to change a price the day after we carry out a price check, we would pick this up on the next price check day and then match the price within two working days. If we can no longer find a product on the website, we will continue to match the last Tesco price for 28 days and then we will conclude that Tesco no longer stock the product, at which point it stops being part of the selection of products on which we price match.

The offer does not apply to Little Waitrose stores or Waitrose stores in the Channel Islands, or to Welcome Break and Shell concessions.

However, our commitment to value is about much more than competitive prices, it’s about all those extra things that are worth a lot - like great customer service, or feeling confident that the product you’ve just bought will taste delicious, and the knowledge that we source responsibly.

We may withdraw the Waitrose Brand Price Match offer at any time without notice.

For further information on the price comparison please contact Customer Services and Support at Waitrose, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8YA.