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At Waitrose we’re passionate about food and cooking and because we know you are just as passionate, we're delighted to present our own special exclusive product ranges for all your everyday needs, from the healthy Love Life to the indulgent Seriously.

Heston from Waitrose

An exclusive range of gourmet food that combines Heston Blumenthal’s magic with Waitrose quality. Together Heston and Waitrose have created some iconic “must-have” seasonal product such as the Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding and mischievous Chocolate & Passion Fruit Popping Candy Tart.

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Duchy from Waitrose

Enjoy delicious, great quality organic  food and drink, including everything from fresh meat and fish to tea and scones, while helping to preserve British food heritage and support British charities.

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We think everyone should be able to enjoy really good quality, affordable food. At the heart of our essential range is the belief that you shouldn’t have to compromise your standards, even on the everyday items you depend on.

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LOVE life

A range of nutritious meals, snacks, drinks and groceries that taste great and should be enjoyed. The foods have been developed with the expertise and knowledge of our in-house nutritionists and the creativity and flair of our award-winning chefs.

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Delicious cakes, desserts and biscuits made from natural and simple ingredients that taste homemade. Only the crunchiest biscuits, tastiest cakes, most luxurious desserts and gooiest dipping sauces make it into our Seriously range. 

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Did you know?

Alongside our range of exclusives, we also have a huge array of extra special ingredients and meal options. If you're a masterchef or a culinery novice, our range of Cooks Ingredients provide everything you'll need to create some meal time magic.

Looking for an simple but delicious evening meal? Look no further than our huge selection of prepared meals, from British classic to Tex Mex.

Ready-prepared meals