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About Duchy from Waitrose

Duchy products

Enjoy our Duchy from Waitrose range

By choosing Duchy from Waitrose, you can enjoy delicious, great quality organic food and drink, while helping to preserve our food heritage and support charities.

At Waitrose, we’ve worked hard to perfect our recipes and track down fantastic food and drink which has been sustainably made.

Choosing organic is easy with Waitrose

There are hundreds of tempting Duchy from Waitrose products to enjoy, from everyday items such as milk, biscuits, cheese, tea, preserves and beef to favourite treats such as scones, chocolate thins, ice cream, cider and ales.

Duchy Originals was founded on a belief that every product  we sell ‘tastes good, is good and does good’. This ethos is set out in our Good Food Charter, a series of commitments that underpin everything we do. It’s this same charter that guides our Duchy from Waitrose range. Together, we believe in the value of organic food, grown and produced sustainably. It’s a pleasure we can all enjoy.

Is Good

A smaller environmental footprint as a result of more locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and less packaging and other waste.

We aim to source as many of our ingredients as we can from the UK and to only source fish from sustainable sources.

Tastes Good

Made from delicious organic and natural ingredients, using sound animal husbandry and traditional crop rotation.

We insist that all products and suppliers are certified to international recognised organic standards, including the Soil Association (except where organic certification is not feasible, like honey and water).

We never use artificial flavourings, colours or hydrogenated vegetable oil. We do not support the use of genetically-modified organisms. All our meat comes from animals that range freely and live an outdoor life.

Does Good

Provides a fair deal for the people who grow and make the food and generates funds for good causes.

A royalty from the sale of Duchy from Waitrose products is given to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. Almost £3m is raised annually in this way for distribution to charitable causes, of which £75,000 goes to The Prince’s Countryside Fund. (charity no 1136077).  We want the people who supply us to earn a fair return on the commitments they make to produce a superior product. Organic farming preserves hedgerow habitats and wildlife food sources by avoiding chemicals in the soil and ground water. This protects wildlife and promotes biodiversity.