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Waitrose fish


All Waitrose fish comes from sustainable sources. Some varieties - such as wild Atlantic salmon - are no longer sold on Waitrose fish counters. Others have been re-sourced. All fresh tuna ­- yellow fin, not the over-fished blue fin variety ­­- ­for example, now comes from the Indian and Pacific Oceans instead of the Mediterranean, where stocks are threatened. All Waitrose cod and haddock is fished in Icelandic seas. The Marine Conservation Society praises Waitrose for being the UK retailer to stock the largest number of fish from its recommended 'Fish to Eat' list.

Waitrose sells 55 different kinds of fish, and shellfish from 25 countries that are caught from well-managed fisheries using responsible fishing methods, or responsibly farmed with care for the environment.  All fish sold is fully traceable from catch to counter.

Waitrose has fish specialists in most of its branches who can advise on what fish to buy. Waitrose fish specialists are trained at London's Billingsgate Seafood Training School. Not only can they gut, clean and fillet fish, they also know how to cook every variety they stock.


Cod and haddock

Waitrose line-caught cod and haddock come from sustainable stocks off Iceland. Both take well to many different kinds of cooking and flavours and cod is great for roasting.


Meaty tuna can be cooked rare like a steak. Cook on a griddle pan for charred stripes and serve with a strongly flavoured relish made with avocado, chilli, tomato and fresh coriander.

Mackerel  and sardines

Sales of oily fish such as mackerel and sardines have shot up, so the message about their health benefits are definitely getting through. Fresh Cornish sardines are available in branch from June to September.

Select Farm Salmon

Waitrose Select Farm salmon sites are sited in clean, oceanic waters with strong tidal flows. Strong tidal sites keep the seabed clean and also help encourage lean and fit fish as they swim in the current, resulting in firmer flesh.

Select Farm sites are situated away from the mouths of salmon rivers, to reduce interaction between wild and farmed salmon.

Waitrose is the only retailer to have a fully integrated product range with all the salmon sold in Waitrose comes from the Select Farm scheme.

Waitrose smoked salmon

Our Select Farm salmon are reared in the fast flowing, deep tidal waters around Scotland, where the strong currents help to produce lean, healthy fish, ideal for smoking.

To guarantee only the best salmon reaches the smokehouse our Scottish select farm salmon is carefully graded. At our dedicated smokehouse the fish are split and hand sprinkled with a mixture of salt and sugar and left to absorb this mixture for several hours before being rinsed. The fish are then smoked, trimmed, sliced and interleaved for prefect serving every time.

  • Oak smoked - the salmon is smoked gently over smouldering oak pieces for up to 10 hrs, giving it a light delicate flavour.
  • Peat and heather Scottish smoked salmon - The salmon is traditionally hung and kiln smoked for up to 24 hrs over a unique blend of birch, heather, peat and sweet gale, giving it a subtly sweet distinctively smoky flavour and firm texture.
  • Organic Orkney salmon - the salmon are farmed to the Soil Association standards in the waters of Westray in the Orkney Islands. The salmon is kiln smoked over oak pieces giving it a light delicate flavour.
  • Wild Alaskan salmon - the wild sockeye salmon come from the pristine waters of Alaska, from a fishery which has been certified to the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental standards for well-managed and sustainable fishery. The salmon is kiln smoked for up to 24hrs over smouldering oak pieces from malt whisky barrels. The smoky flavour complements the dense velvety texture of the wild salmon.

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Waitrose smoked trout

Our premium Scottish trout are farmed in the clear tidal waters around Scotland, the environment helps to produce lean, healthy fish, ideal for smoking.

The trout is kiln smoked for up to 10 hours over gently smouldering oak pieces giving it a delicate, subtle flavour and melt in the mouth texture. It is then trimmed, sliced and interleaved for perfect serving every time.

The healthy option

Like all oily fish, salmon is a good source of protein and is rich in omega 3 fats. These fats may help to maintain a healthy heart, when they are eaten as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Try to include at least two portions of fish every week, one of which should be oily.

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