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Vegetable Word Search

Find the words in the grid. Words can horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all eight directions.



Did You Know? Studies have shown that special pills made from broccoli could help astronauts keep their bones healthy whilst they spend long periods in space.

Nutrition tip: Broccoli is packed with vitamin C and folic acid. The greener it is the more nutrients it contains.


Did You Know? Captain Cook packed pickled cabbage for his crew on their voyage back from Australia in 1771. This helped prevent scurvy.

Nutrition tip: Cabbage is good for vitamins such as vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin K (sometimes known as the sunshine vitamin).


Did You Know? The first carrots that were grown in Europe were actually purple in colour. Dutch growers in the 16th century were the first ones to develop orange carrots.

Nutrition tip: Carrots are orange because they packed full of carotene, which our body changes to vitamin A when needed. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and skin.


Did You Know? The white head of a cauliflower - the part that is most commonly eaten - is properly known as the curd because of its milky colour.

Nutrition tip: A good source of vitamin C.


Did You Know? If you ask for a courgette in America the chances are you'll be met with a bemused silence: that's because courgettes are known as zucchinis in the USA.

Nutrition tip: Courgettes contain vitamin C and folic acid. If you eat them raw in your lunchbox you get even more vitamin C.

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Did You Know? The ancient Egyptians thought so much of onions that they placed them in the tombs of their dead kings - such as the famous leader Tutankhamun.


Did You Know? American president Thomas Jefferson was such a fan of peas that he ordered his gardener to plant thirty different varieties of them.

Nutrition tip: Peas contain vitamin C and the B vitamin (Thiamine).


Did You Know? Potatoes were bought from America to Europe in the 1500s. Many people in Europe were suspicious of this strange new vegetable because it wasn't mentioned in the Bible!

Nutrition tip: A great energy provider, if you eat them with their skins on then you get fibre and vitamin C.


Did You Know? In America, swedes are called rutabagas. In England they are occasionally still called Swedish turnips.

Nutrition tip: Along with turnips, great for fibre in your diet. The pink colour provides some beta-carotene.


Did You Know? Native American Indians were the first people to cultivate corn. It played an important part in their religious rituals - as well as in their diet.

Nutrition tip: Corn is a great source of fibre and protein.


Did You Know? In the Middle Ages, turnip not pumpkin lanterns were used to celebrate Halloween. Using a pumpkin was an American invention.

Nutrition tip: Along with swede, great for fibre in your diet. The pink colour provides some beta-carotene.

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