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Food glossary



A traditional creamy and refreshing Greek dip that is a combination of natural yogurt, peeled and chopped cucumber mint leaves and seasoning. Tzatiki is sold as part of a reduced fat fresh dip selection at Waitrose and is called cucumber and mint dip. Smoked salmon and dill, Tikka and Cheese and chive dips are included in the reduced fat dip selection. Regular Cucumber and mint dip is also sold in a selection with Thousand island, Cheese and chive and Onion and garlic dips.

Uses: Tzatziki can be served with warmed pitta bread as a simple lunch or with a selection of olives, roasted vegetables and feta or halloumi cheese as a starter. It also makes a delicious sauce for grilled or fried white fish.

To store: Keep in the fridge and consume by the use by date.