Asparagus guacamole

  • Vegetarian


450g bunch asparagus
1 small red onion
1 red chilli
1 clove garlic
28g pack fresh coriander
Finely grated zest and juice 1 lime


1. Snap the ends off the asparagus spears. Cut into 1cm slices, leaving the tips whole and separate from the rest. Place the sliced asparagus in a steamer or colander and set over a pan of boiling water. Cover and steam for 3 minutes, then draw to one side. Add the tips in the space (so they are easy to separate after cooking) and steam for a further 2 minutes. Leave to cool completely.

2. Meanwhile, finely dice the onion, deseed the chilli, then finely chop it with the garlic and coriander. Mix them together in a bowl with the lime zest and juice, then add the cooled asparagus tips, chopping them into the mixture roughly with a tablespoon.

3. Pound the sliced asparagus in a pestle and mortar with a pinch of sea salt flakes or pulse in a food processor to a lumpy paste. Stir the asparagus paste into the onion mix, season to taste, then serve with crisps, crudités, or as a spicy garnish for asparagus soup.

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 15 minutes 15 minutes

Serves: 4-6

Nutritional Info

Typical values per serving:

Energy 176kj/42kcals
Fat 0.8g
Saturated Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrate 4.7g
Sugars 3.8g
Salt trace g

2.4g fibre 3.9g protein

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