Black forest martini

Makes: 1 drink


50ml Creme de cacoa
25ml Cherry brandy
10 - 15ml Creme de cassis

Chocolate cream topping:
25ml Chocolate flavoured Irish Cream liquor
100ml Whipping cream

10g Dark chocolate
1 Glace cherry


For the chocolate cream:

1 Whip the chocolate flavoured Irish Cream liquor with 100ml of whipping cream until it is lightly aerated. It should still be a pouring consistency.

2 Fill a martini glass with ice to chill.

3 Fill your cocktail shaker three quarters full of ice.

4 Add the crème de cacoa, cherry brandy and crème de cassis.

5 Shake vigourously for around 15 seconds to ensure that it is well mixed and well chilled.

6 Empty your martini glass and strain your cocktail into the glass.

7 Top with the chocolate whipped cream, grate over dark chocolate and garnish with a glace cherry.