Champagne cocktails

A perfect cocktail for a celebration or party.

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Waitrose Brut Non Vintage Champagne
Ice cubes
2 tablespoons Contreau or Grand Marnier
8 pinches of caster sugar
4 thin slices orange
3 limes (2 juiced, one cut into thin slices)


  1. Cut 4 thin slices of lime and orange in half and reserve. Squeeze the juice from 2 limes, divide evenly between 8 champagne flutes. Add a pinch of caster sugar and 2 tsp Cointreau or Grand Marnier to each glass, stir, add the lime and orange slices, and an ice cube, then top each with chilled Waitrose Brut Non Vintage Champagne.

Cook's tips

Have the lime and liqueur base ready and waiting in glasses on a tray, ready for topping up with ice and champagne.

Champagne Cocktails

Serves: 8

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