London Cheescakes

when I have made this I will add details. I never eat one but following a thread from this site lead to the recipe and I will make these later.


  • 1. Buy a packet of ready rolled puff pastry and cut out disks 9 cm diameter (or squares if you don’t want to be a purist) and place on a baking tray.
    2. Make indentations in the centre and place a nice drop of jam in the middle of each one.
    3. Add a blob of frangipane mix (equal amounts of egg, sugar, butter and ground almonds) or just plain cake mix (as used for fairy cakes) - about the size of a large walnut.
    4. Rest for 30 minutes while oven heats up.
    5. Bake at 200c /400f for about 15 minutes until nicely done.
    6. When cool spread fondant icing or thick water icing on top and dip into thread coconut.
    7. Eat them