my onion soup

This soup is a wonderful meal it is very tasty and can be very filling on cold days and nights make some home made bread and top with cheese.It can be made for a dinner party or barbe cue .Bonfire night add some pumpkin to it and you have a new taste the kids love it.


  • a small knob of english butter,
    3 spanish onions
    a pinch of salt and sugar.
    a splash of brandy
    2 pint s of vegetable stock
    2oz of plain flower
    a pinch of dried mixed herbs
    a pinch of white peper


  1. heat butter in a pan until melted do not let it brown pour in brandy .
  2. chop onions into small pieces add to pan and brown slowly cook till they have sofened and browned slowly.
  3. add the stock and the rest of the ingredients. cook slowly for an hour. if you leave the soup till the next day the flavour will get better. serve with cheese and bread or float crutons topped with cheese
  • Total time: one hour.

Serves: 6

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