Pepperd Cow

This is a favorite dish of mine to cook when i can, which i dont do enough. It is balanced in vitamins which you need every day, but also packs loads of flavor

  • Total time: 20mins tops

Serves: 1


  • 1 large potato
    1 8oz rump steak
    1 pepper (colour preferred)
    1 portion of kuskus
    2 vine tomatoes
    Sprig of Basil


  1. Peel the potato and grate it on the large holes on a cheese grater. place the potato shavings in a tea-towel and twist at both ends. (this will squeeze out any water in the spuds) place in a pan of hot oil, and cook until cooked through. (you can place it under the grill for a few mins after if you want it golden brown and more crisp on the outside) this makes the potato rosti.
  2. Get a griddle pan smoking hot and place the steak into it. fry as desired (for myself, 3mins on either side is perfect, nice and rare)
  3. Core out the whole pepper and roast it on a backing tray in the oven at 180deg.c until soft and golden.
  4. Mix up the kuskus mix, add chopped tomatos and the basil leaves (torn up or whole) Place the kuskus mix into the pepper, place back in the oven for 5mins to infuse together. (lets the pepper juices run through the kuskus)
  5. Place the potato rosti on a hot plate (make sure it is hot else the it will go cold and soggy!) Place the hot steak (sliced or whole,) on top of the rosti. Place the stuffed pepper o ntop of the steak.
  6. Add a little vinaigrette or red wine roux round the steak, and there you go :) my favorite dish.