pesto mozarella chicken

filling chicken dish with lots of summery tastes 40 mins to prepare and cook

  • Total time: 40

Serves: 4


  • pack of 3/4 chicken fillets
    ball of low fat mozarella
    5 teaspoons green pesto
    2 large vine tomatoes
    black/ green olives
    yellow bell pepper


  1. butterfly the chicken fillets and place on foil tray add a dollop of green pesto on each fillet and spread evenly
  2. chop tomatoes ,peppers and olives finely and place sparingly on each fillet
  3. slice mozarella and top of each fillet
  4. cover and bake in oven at a temp of 175 for 30 mins ,optional grill to crisp cheese
  5. use fish slice to lift fillets and topping onto plate