ramsdens pot roast of brisket

sear a10lb joint of brisket of beef,until brown all over,place in a large earthenware pot.in same pan as you seared the brisket.fry of 1 large spanish onion,add little sugar and caramelize place in pot,add 1 bottle of full blooded red wine,and 1 pint of beef stock,place lid on pot then slow cook in a gas mark 6,for about 3 hours,in the mean time saute of 12 small shallots,and half pound small buttonn mushrooms,add tomato puree,and small lardons of bacon,remove the brisket from pot ,add the other ingredients,sprinkle fresh thyme,replace the meat,cook for a further 1 hour,remove meat let rest ,carve pour over sauce,serve with a cheddar and horseradish mash,enjoy


  • brisket
    tom puree
    red wine
    beef stock


  1. as above
  • Total time: 4 hours

Serves: 6

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