Saffron Fish Stew

Fiskgryta med smak av saffran in Swedish.

  • Total time: 30 mins

Serves: 4


  • 400 g fillet of cod (or 300 g fillet of salmon)
    ½ a leek
    ½ a white onion
    1 tablespoon. of butter
    1 clove of garlic
    1 ½ tea sp of tomato purée
    1 ½ tea sp of salt
    1 teassp thyme (if you use fresh use more)
    1 tea sp basil (see above)
    2 ½ dl dry white whine
    1 ½ dl fish broth
    2 ½ dl cream (it says ”cooking” cream, which basically means lower in fat)
    1 dl sour cream/ crème fraîche
    2 dl water
    1 pkg of saffron (0.5 gram)
    300 g shrimps (not peeled)
    1 can of mussles

    dl=tenth Litre


  1. • glaze the onion lightly in the butter (i.e fry it gently) • Press the down garlic • Mix in tomato purée, salt, thyme, basil • Fry all together for a while • Add wine and broth, and boil for a few minutes • Add cream, sour cream, water and saffron • Let simmer for about 15 minutes • Cut the fish in cubes • Add them to the stew and simmer for an addittional 7 min until the fish has turn ”firm” • Peel the shrimps and add them together with the mussles • Quickly heat and serve immidiately, preferably with a hot baguette and garlic mayonaise