Seriously Chocolatey Black Forest Meringue pies

A crisp, sweet pastry shell filled with a crushed cherry and chocolate cream and topped with a light meringue.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This is a fusion of two Great British classics. The cherries and chocolate are a delicious combination, both fruity and sweet. The creamy filling is offset perfectly against the crisp base and fluffy meringue topping. Indulgent, delicious and just a little bit naughty ;)


  • Pastry cases
    180g plain flour
    90g butter
    1 egg
    1tbsp icing sugar
    Water, as required

    For the filling
    40g dark chocolate, melted
    40g milk chocolate, melted
    1 egg yolk
    1 can of cherries or fresh if in season
    1tbsp butter
    5 fl. oz milk

    2 egg whites
    50g sugar


  1. Make up pastry mixing the flour, butter and icing sugar then gradually adding in the egg. If mixture too dry, add water. When fully mixed, stick in fridge while preparing rest. Melt chocolate in a bowl over pan of water, stirring often. Take off heat and beat in one egg yolk followed by the butter. Return to heat add milk gradually (some quantities may be slightly out as I haven't made in while) until mixture is at a sort of custard texture Beat egg whites then add sugar beat until stiff..