Seriously Chocolatey Boozy Chocolate Roulade with a dusty topping

a fairly traditional chocolate roulade with a twist. whip cointreau into the cream to roll into roulade and grate chocolate orange type chocolate onto the cream before rolling. dust with small pack of icing sugar inclued in pack prior to serving and add the small chocolate shape to the top.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

oops ran out of describing space!!!! it's different because you have grown up taste of subtle tangs of cointreau with a chocolately, orange crunch in the cream. it also looks homemade once you have sprinkled the enclosed sachet of icing sugar on the top prior to serving and putting a small chocolate shape on the top. yummy!!! Decadent, easy to make but stylish and delcious.


  • 150gms good quality dark chocolate
    4 eggs
    125gms caster sugar
    15ml x 3 hot water
    few drops vanilla essence
    butter for greasing
    175ml double cream or low fat similar
    few drops of cointreau
    icing sugar to dust top
    chocolate shape


  1. melt chocolate. separate eggs.add caster sugar to yolks, beat until creamy.add tap hot water to chocolate,mix together.mix chocolate into the egg yolks and sugar mix. whisk egg whites until very stiff. fold whites gently into the chocolate mix.prepare 30cm x 42cm swiss roll tin. grease and line with greaseproof. pour mix into tin. level out and cook in centre of preheated over at 190 degree C. cook for 20mins.remove.cover with greaseproof &damp tea towel til next day.whip cream,cointreau.spread
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