Seriously Chocolatey Cappuccino chocolate pots

Rich and smooth chocolate pots with a kick!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This dessert is chilled, so it's ideal for summer. You can also make it in advance (the night before) so it's a perfect recipe for entertaining. This recipe is also vegetarian. So many yummy summer desserts contain gelatine and are therefore unsuitable for vegetarians.


  • 200g plain chocolate
    50ml hot (but not boiling) strong coffee
    4 tbsp Tia Maria (or other spirit/liqueur)
    400ml double cream
    cocoa powder


  1. Break the chocolate up into a bowl. Pour the coffee and Tia Maria in, but do not stir. Heat 250ml of the cream until just about to boil. Then pour into the chocolate mixture and stir well until the mixture is smooth. Divide the mixture between 6 espresso cups or ramekins and leave to set in the fridge. To serve, whip the remaining cream until soft. Spoon the cream onto each of the desserts. Dust with sieved cocoa powder to look like a cappuccino. Serve with amaretti biscuits.