Seriously Chocolatey Chocolate Cherry Popping Pots

Its 4 layers in a ramekin; hazelnut paste & chocolate & popping candy, dark choc mousse, white choc mousse, cherry & vanilla sauce with a cherry on top. It never fails to raise a smile! This dessert has been picked up by the chef for my wedding day in a couple of months for 100 people; it impressed him when he tasted it, I hope it will impress you too. It easily retains its pop for at least 5 days. The oil in the nuts and choc seem to prevent the candy from popping until eaten.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

In the winter (as per recipe given) I make the mousse more like a thick ganache, in the summer I use a lighter mousse. Its indulgent, children, adults and grandparents all love it. And it always brings a huge smile to peoples faces when the popping starts. Email me for more details on the recipe, was hard to squeeze into 500 characters! It can also be adapted for popping ice cream nuggets (lasts 3-6 months frozen)


  • all organic where possible, makes 10
    750ml double cream
    160g white choc
    190g dark choc
    65g strawberry popping candy
    150g toasted hazelnuts
    1 1/2 tsp mixed spice
    1 vanilla pod
    1 1/2 tins cherry pie filling
    1 1/2 dsp sugar
    1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    optonal: pinch of salt to taste in nut mixture


  1. blend nuts to smooth oily butter mix in 70g dark choc add mixed spice chill 45mins beat until pliable paste gently mix in candy (mixture MUST be cold to prevent popping) put mixture into ramekins chill 30 mins bring 1/4 cream to boil, add remaining dark choc, sugar cool, fold in 1/4 cream whipped add to ramekin repeat for white choc add whole cherry on top chill reduce cherry liquid with vanilla pod cool, pour over ramekin extra touch: finely slice reserved vanilla pod to give cherry stalk