Seriously Chocolatey Chocolate Fudge Pudding

layers of moist chocolate sponge interlayered with a thick creamy fudge sauce. This would be layered in a ramakin and topped off with a slightly bitter ganache on and a few chocolate curls and tiny chopped pieces of fudge to decorate. This could be served warm with a bit of creme fraiche too as an alternative.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This is a seriously indulgent chocolate pud - easy put in a picnic and easy to eat in its individual pots. It would be delicious after a light summer salad, but not too heavy and enough sweetness to satisfy the chocoholics. This is not only a summer treat, but a pud that would carry on into the winter months and would be equally delicious served warm! The delicate decoration would mean that it would look just as good on a rustic table as on a dinner party table!


  • The fudge would be made using personal recipe - 1kg sugar, 250g butter, 1 tin evaporated milk, 1 tin of water. Boil till reduced to a 1/3 and then add 1/2pt double cream to boiling mix. Beat as it cools and this will form the sauce. Sponge should contain ground almonds with trad sponge mix to keep it moist and a touch of milk too. Ganache should be made using slightly bitter dark chocolate - approx 60-70% cocoa.


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