Seriously Chocolatey Chocolate mousse filled profiteroles

6 profiteroles - 2 filled with white chocolate mousse, 2 filled with milk chocolate mousse and 2 filled with dark chcolate mousse - all topped with a roasted hazelnut and caramel sauce.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

They are "Seriously" delicious! I haven't met anyone yet that doesn't like profiteroles! They are light enough to be enjoyed after a barbeque or a treat for pudding, yet luxurious enough for a special occasion. Commercially, they transport easily, look good when packaged in a box, and are not too expensive or difficult to produce on a mass market scale. If necessary, the hazelnuts can be substituted for brazil nuts or almonds.


  • Choux pastry: water, butter, plain flour, castor sugar, eggs
    Chocolate mousse: double cream , chocolate (milk, dark, white), water, liquid glucose
    Caramel and hazelnut toppping: hazelnuts, sugar, water


  1. Make choux pastry, and cook, as for profiteroles. For the chocolate mousse, whip 300ml double cream to a soft peak. Bring 25ml water and 1 tablespoon liquid glucose to the boil and add 140g chocolate (milk, dark or white, broken into small pieces). Remove from the heat and beat until smooth. Fill the profiteroles with this. Toast hazelnuts and finely chop/grind (though not to a powder). Make a caramel sauce, mix in the hazelnuts and pour the sauce over the filled profiteroles.