Seriously Chocolatey Light but delicious chocolate cheese cake

For those indulgent moments without all that guilt. These chocolate cake came out the fridge and cupboards as i needed to make a desert to celebrate my daughter's first six months of life. The weights are exact as I use the thermomix to weight and mix the ingredients. The use of quark is the magic tip as all the fat from the soft cheese is gone.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Luxurious taste and chocolate indulgence without the gilt and the fat. It's a cool cake therefore very summery and light.


  • 250g quark
    2 eggs
    100g caster sugar
    350g milk chocolate
    100g 85% dark chocolate

    250g plain digestive cookies
    2 tbp cocoa powder
    95g melted low fat spread


  1. Easy and delicious, to make the base, usual stuff, blend the cookies, add the cocoa powder and the add the melted margarine or butter if you prefer so. Mix the quark and the sugar until smoth at low wisk speed, then add the eggs one at a time. Melt the chocolate and add the previous mixture Bake at 150 to 160 C at bagne Marie in the oven for 45 min,