Seriously Chocolatey Seriously Chocolatey Banoffee Tart

A scrumptiously, delicious combination of crisp pastry case, gooey caramel sauce, fresh banana slices and really thick dollops of pot au chocolat to completely cover and seal everything. Umm... my lips are licking already!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Every ingredient melds together to make your taste buds cry out for another slice, please!



  1. 1 Use own or ready-made sweet shortcrust tart cases 2 Layer the base thickly with Seriously Buttery Caramel Dipping Sauce 3 Cover with a layer of thick slices of firm, fresh bananas 4 Smother with a really deep layer of Seriously Chocolatey Pots au Chocolat - as much as the tart will carry 5 Dust with a fine coating of dark chocolate/cocoa powder