Seriously Chocolatey Seriously chocolatey Black Forest Tortes

A chocolatey biscuit base with a chocolate torte middle topped off with cherries in a kirsh syrup on top. Served in individual serving pots/dishes. Two in a pack.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

In this dessert you have biscuit, chocolate, cream, fruit, alcohol. It will be very indulgent, summery and rich(but cherries would cut through, to make it not overly rich) and would fit perfectly into the seriously from Waitrose dessert range and could be the ultimate after dinner dessert.



  1. Biscuit base would be digestive biscuits crushed, cocoa powder added and butter to bind it together, placed in a pot/dish to set. A chocolate torte filling added to pot/dish and set, then cherries heated in a sugar, kirsh syrup added to the top.
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