Seriously Chocolatey The Ultimate Double Chocolate Tart

A rich,crisp shortcrust pastry tart is lined with a layer of dark chocolate. The contrasting filling is light in texture, made from a combination of white chocolate, soured cream and whipping cream. Ripe, red raspberries are scattered generously over the surface.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

The Ultimate Double Chocolate Tart catches the vibrant mood of the summer seaon. The interior of the crisp pastry shell is defined with a lining of smooth dark chocolate comlemented by a tangy, ostentatious filling of billowing white chocolate clouds. The dessert is crowned with the ultimate jewel of summer; ripe, ruby raspberries.


  • 20cm diameter tart is filled with:
    Belgian Dark Chocolate
    Waitrose Cook's Ingredients White Chocolate
    Soured Cream
    Whipping Cream


  1. Line the tart with a smooth layer of melted dark chocolate. Melt 150g white chocolate and then combine with 150 ml soured cream and 150ml lightly whipped cream. Spoon into tart and put in fridge to set. Sprinkle over the raspberries.
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