Seriously Creamy Creamy butterscotch mousse

A smooth, creamy but light butterscotch mousse topped with crispy, crunchy caramelised almonds.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This cool, elegant dessert is a light, fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth mousse with the heavenly flavour of butterscotch made from the purest, natural ingredients. The luxurious creaminess of the mousse contrasts with the delightful crunch of the caramelised almonds to titillate the senses. Whether for an alfresco picnic or candlelit dinner, this mousse is the ultimate finale.


  • 200g soft brown sugar
    1Tbs maple syrup (or golden syrup – maple syrup nicer)
    60g unsalted butter
    1 Tbs gelatine
    190ml milk
    pinch salt
    425ml whipping cream, whipped
    1 egg white (optional), whisked till fluffy
    25g caster sugar
    50g flaked almonds


  1. Dissolve gelatine in hot water. Melt sugar, syrup and butter together over a medium heat. Cook caramel until brown. Take off the heat and slowly add the milk, stirring all the time. Add a good pinch of salt. If mixture curdles, beat it. Add the melted gelatine, stirring all the time. Then pour through a strainer and cool. Chill till beginning to set, then fold in whipped cream and whisked egg white if using. Pour into serving dish(es) and refrigerate. Once set, sprinkle the almonds over
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