Seriously Creamy Hazelnut Meringue Torte

Rich hazelnut meringue filled with cream.fruit, optional tastes and looks superb individually or gateaux size..

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This is seriously delicious and different from your existing shelf products. The egg yolks made into a fruit brulee's This way you have 2 desserts!!


  • 4 Egg whites
    250g vanilla castor sugar
    1/2 tsp wine vinegar
    100g ground hazelnuts
    300ml cream
    fruit optional,


  1. Whisk egg whites,gradually whisk in sugar until stiff and shiney.Fold in vinegar and hazelnuts.bake in mod hot oven 375F/190C Gas 5 for 30-40 mins Cool and sandwich together with cream. fruit if desired can liquidise and serve in jug SUPERB!!
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