Seriously Creamy Peach, Raspberry & Amaretto Mascarpone Cheesecake

Base: A mix of crushed amaretto biscuits and melted butter to form the base Filling: A mix of whipped cream and mascarpone cheese, lightly set and of a light (but rich) mousse like texture Topping: Peach and raspberries lightly cooked Perhaps crushed amaretto biscuits sprinkled on top

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

*Seasonal summer fruits *Seriously Indulgent and creamy yet seriously fruity at same time *Perfect combination of fruits which go well with the cream and also with the amaretto. Lovely mix of flavours and textures. *I would LOVE it!


  • Amaretto biscuits
    Mascarpone cheese
    Whipping cream


  1. 1) Melt the butter and mix with crushed amaretto biscuits and leave to set 2) Whip the cream and fold in with mascarpone cheese and layer on top of base, put in fridge. 3) Gently cook the peach and raspberries until soft, add a little sugar to taste as required, may even add a small amount of gelatine to gently set the fruit. 4) When cool, place of top of cheese filling 5) PERHAPS sprinkle with some crushed amaretto.
5 stars

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