Seriously Creamy Peach,amaretti and seriously vanilla tart

A short flan case made with the addition of crushed amaretti biscuits, filled with poached peaches on a thin layer of home made raspberry conserve and filled with a very rich very vanillary cream custard and baked,...yum

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

I have a peach tree in my garden and this tart is filled with the flavours of summer, peaches, raspberries and seductive vanilla........I rest my case!!


  • 9" flan tin
    3 oz amaretti biscuits
    5 oz plain flour
    4 oz butter
    2 tablespoon cold water

    4 peaches halved and stoned
    4 oz sugar
    1pt water

    6 egg yolks
    1 3/4 oz caster sugar
    1 level tsp vanilla bean paste
    10 oz double cream
    8 oz full cream milk

    2 dessertspoons raspberry conserve


  1. Blitz amaretti with the plain flour and make up short crust pastry as normal, rest in the fridge minimum 1 hour. Line flan tin (there will be some pastry over!) leave pastry over the edges to trim when out of the oven ( much neater) and bake blind 10 mins with beans at 200C, rmove beans and lower the heat to 160C bake until golden brown. Meanwhile poach the halved peaches in the sugar syrup until cooked, leave to cool in the syrup, this makes them sweeter. When cold the skin will slip off, 1/4 t