Seriously Creamy Strawberry Summer Daydream

Strawberries; homemade lemonade; clotted cream teas; vanilla cones and white fluffy clouds, floating in the background to an impromptu picnic. All coalesce as the daydream of summer. In the Summer Daydream, a vibrant strawberry sauce, balanced with lemon, wends it’s swirling way through a velvety white chocolate and vanilla mousse, made with clotted cream. An accompanying lemon shortbread biscuit provides the edible spoon to dip into the flavours and expectations of a perfect summer’s day.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Our most powerful memories are built when we engage all our senses. The Strawberry Summer Daydream echoes our wishes for the perfect summer and evokes our memories of that ultimate summer’s day. The fragrant smell of strawberries; the refreshing taste of lemon; the textures of luscious cream and melt-in-the-mouth butter biscuit; the snapping sound of shortbread; the sight of fluffy white chocolate clouds and the understanding that, whatever the season, summer is always with us when we daydream.


  • Fragrant strawberries, such as English Rose or Jubilee; lemon for zest and juice; caster sugar; Cornish clotted cream; white chocolate; a vanilla pod; eggs; whipping cream; plain flour; butter


  1. Strawberries are combined with sugar and lemon juice to give a vibrant red sauce. Chocolate is melted with vanilla seeds, clotted cream and egg yolks. Whipping cream and egg whites are beaten to peaks separately and folded gently in. The sauce and mousse are swirled together in clear individual serving dishes and left to chill. For the biscuit, butter is creamed with sugar and lemon juice and zest added. Flour is folded in, the dough cut into long oblongs with rounded corners and baked.
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