Seriously Creamy Vanilla Bean Custard Mille Crepe Cake

Mille Crepe is an age old French crepe cake recipe combining beautifully soft and delicate pancakes with a delectable sweet filling of choice. My personal favourite is an indulgent cooked vanilla bean custard cream topped with caramelized flaked or chopped almonds whose crunch perfectly complements the otherwise creamy texture of the cake.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Something completely indulgent but with a light texture like the custard for this recipe (it feels so wonderfully light and airy I can't describe!). The dessert should also lend itself well to other accompaniments such as fruit (coolies/flambé etc), maybe a grating of chocolate, or a smattering of crushed amaretto biscuits to make the dessert one’s own!


  • Crepes: 2 eggs
    2 vanilla sugars
    Pinch salt
    ¼ cup of oil
    1 ½ cups milk
    Enough flour to make a smooth paste
    Enough water to make a thinner batter

    Vanilla Custard:
    1L milk
    1 vanilla bean
    12 Tbsp sugar
    4 packets vanilla sugar
    5 Tbsp cornflour


  1. Mix the batter for the crepes and cook. The custard recipe requires much more than a 500 character limit to explain I'm afraid!