Seriously Fruity Blackberry and Orange Summer Pudding

A layered desert, presented in a clear container to see each delicious one. From bottom up, layer of sponge moistened with orange sugar syrup, topped with orange flavoured cream custard, then more sponge/orange syrup, then blackberry jelly, finally decorated with crystallised orange slices. (Inspired by blackberries from the allotment eaten fresh with chopped oranges)

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

It's bursting with fruity flavour, yet has that touch of elegant adult sophistication



  1. Make sugar syrup (1.1:1 sugar/water), use to crystallise orange slices, add orange juice to syrup and reserve both. Make custard, add dissolved gelatine, cool quickly, whisk in orange juice and zest, fold in double cream (1:2 part custard) Rub blackberries through sieve, mix with sugar syrup (1:2 part blackberries) and make into a jelly. In a clear glass, layer sponge cake, brushed with reserved orange syrup, orange custard, sponge cake/syrup, blackberry jelly and top with crystallised orange
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