Seriously Fruity Bluberry meringue cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes are topped with a gooey blueberry compote then have an iced cooked meringue topping!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Its got cake and everyone loves cake but its also a cupcake and everyone adores cupcake! It also has a cheeky glug of booze in it and naught meringue topping! Served with a blob of fresh whipped cream and its the ultimate summer treat!


  • I use the equal parts cake mix. Weigh your eggs (about 3 will do) and then whatever they weigh add the same weight equally of butter, sugar, self raising flour.
    A few drops of vanilla extract

    Blueberry compote
    Fresh blueberies
    tspn cornstarch
    a glug of port
    a tspn lemon juice

    Basic Merungue mix but add a drop or two of vinegar to stop them 'weeping'


  1. Mix up the basic sponge mix,spoon the mix into some silicon muffin cakes (we want these bad boys BIG!) Cook for about 10 mins Whilst this is cooking put all your blueberry mix in a pan and simmer. Make sure you get the mix sticky and not wet...it needs to be like a thick jam As soon as the cupcakes are starting to look like they are browning whip them out the oven, put a good dollop of blueberry on top of them and ice the meringue onto them. Put them back in the oven on a high temp till cooked!
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