Seriously Fruity fruity custard crumble dessert

Soften some raspberrys and an equal amount of red goosseberrys. Add a little sugar. Make a thick custard. Put a good measure of the fruit in a ramakin size dish (about a third of the dish) and put an slightly lesser amount of custard on the top and cool. Pre bake the crumble and sprinkle on top of the custard when it has set. Delicious cold or warmed through. Looks pretty in a glass dish.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

The mix of the raspberrys and gooseberrys give it a fruity/sour taste, the custard gives it the sweetness and the crumble does not go soft but stays crunchie so you have a lovely crunchy/smooth sweet dessert with a bite!!!


  • Rapsberrys
    Red Goosberrys
    Crumble Mix.
    Thick Custard
    A little Sugar


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