Seriously Fruity Gingered-up peaches

A slightly decadent chilled peach dessert

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

People love it and it travels well. I invented this for Glyndebourne two weeks ago (ginger cake seemed right for Hansel & Gretel) and complete strangers sharing the table eyed it up, asked for a taste and then for seconds.


  • Stem ginger cake (such as Mrs Crimble’s) in 15mm slices
    Fresh ripe peach, halved, sliced thinly (3mm)
    Crème de pêche (or peach essence in a light syrup)
    Glaze (the liquid as above with gelatine, or commercial glaze flavoured with peach)
    Stiffly whipped cream with a touch of vanilla sugar
    Optional: Toasted sliced almonds


  1. 1. Line the base of a suitable 30mm (1¼") deep receptacle (pie dish, foil tray, glass, etc) with the ginger cake slices 2. Moisten generously with the chosen liquid 3. Cover completely with peach slices overlapping each other by about 40% in both dimensions 4. Brush with the glaze (sprinkle with almonds if used) and cool to set 5. Pipe (8mm fluted nozzle) cream round the perimeter
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