Seriously Fruity Orange and ginger cheesecake

A baked cheesecake with a ginger biscuit crumb crust and cottage cheese and orange filling

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

It is an unusual light textured cheesecake perfect for summer days


  • 200 g ginger biscuits
    100 g butter
    225 g cottage cheese
    25 g cornflour
    3 eggs separated
    50 g castor sugar
    1 orange
    icing sugar for decoration
    1 x 311 g can mandarin oranges


  1. Crush bisuits. Put them into a mixing bowl. Melt butter and stir into the biscuit crumbs until well mixed. Press crumbs over the base and up the sides of a 20 cm round cake tin. Sieve the cottage cheese into a bowl and mix in the cornflour. Add egg yolks, sugar, grated orange rind and juice and beat well. Whisk egg whites until stiff and fold in gently. Pour filling into case. Bake 375 F/190 C Mark 5 for approx 35 mins. When cool serve cold decorated with mandarin orange segments