Seriously Fruity Raspberry Posset with Hazelnut Meringue

This is a twist on a traditional lemon posset, developed after I dropped the meringue for a hazelnut, raspberry and cream dessert! The creamy raspberry posset is topped off with crumbs of crunchy and chewy hazelnut meringue and at the bottom of the posset is a thin layer of fruit raspberry compote.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This is an ideal dessert as it’s sweet but not too sweet. The posset is smooth and the meringue is crunchy as well as chewy and it’s creamy and fruity as well! Yummy!


  • For the Posset Raspberries: double cream and caster sugar.
    For the meringue: toasted hazelnuts, egg whites and caster sugar.
    For the fruit compote: just raspberries pulped and sieved.


  1. For the posset: boil the cream and sugar together and add the pulped and sieved raspberries once the cream has cooled. Once cooler poor into small cups over the top of a layer of raspberry compote. For the meringue: whip the egg whites and add sugar to make meringue then fold in the hazelnuts and bake slowly. Once cooked break into pieces, some small some larger and sprinkle over the set posset. Then eat and enjoy!
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