Seriously fruity red current and almond meringue tarte

Created for the Seriously Competition and selected by Waitrose chef panel as 1 OF THE 10 BEST entries!!! Serious textures and sensations here - and the most striking and deliciously coloured dessert! A delicious tangy sweet tarte with buttery pastry and flavour bursting red currants embedded in soft almond meringue. What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert? The ultimate summer berry summer tarte - deliciously summer berry pink and every mouthful a taste of summer. All those zingy red currants bursting with flavour and melting into soft and nutty meringue.


  • For the berries:
    - ca. 1kg or less red currants
    - 75g bis 100g caster sugar
    For the pastry:
    - 250g flour
    - 125g unsalted butter
    - pinch salt
    - finely grated peel of half a lemon
    - 1 egg yolk
    - 1 tbsp ice water
    - 50g caster sugar
    For the meringue:
    - 6 egg whites
    - 130g caster sugar
    - small pinch salt
    - few drops lemon juice
    - 120g ground almonds (with peel)
    - 1 tsp cornstarch

    springform tin, butter for tin, baking parchment to line tin


  1. Wash berries and take them off by sweeping a fork down the stalk. Drain thoroughly. Mix with sugar and leave to stand for 2 hours. Make a quick pastry and cool for 1 hour. Line and butter a springform tin. Beat egg whites to firm snow, adding ingredients gradually. Fold in almonds at last. Roll pastry and line the tin with it. Prick with a fork, pour in half the meringue, add berries and their juices and cover with the remaining meringue forming soft peaks. 160C low shelf ca. 45min. Eat cold.