Seriously Fruity Seriously fruity blackberry, apple and almond crumble

This seriously fruity recipe may seem a small amount for 6 people, but this delicious almond crumble will provide generous servings. You really need custard with this crumble, but a thick double cream is a good alternative

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

The almond topping goes perfectly with the soft brown sugar, blackberry and apples. Seriously fruity, yet seriously nutty too, this crumble has that hint of countryside bramble freshness and is packed with natural goodness too.


  • Serves 6


    380g blackberries
    2tbspn soft brown sugar
    1 cooking apple
    1tbspn water
    1 tbsn soft brown sugar

    For the crumble topping
    140g plain flour
    40g ground almonds
    90g butter
    90g castor sugar


  1. Place the washed blackberries in an oven-proof dish, c 25cm x 25cm, sprinkle over the 2tbspn of soft, brown sugar. Peel, core and slice the cooking apple. Put in a saucepan with 1tbspn of soft, brown sugar and 1tbspn of water. Cook over a gentle heat until light and fluffy [7-10 minutes.]. Spread the cooked apples over the blackberries. For the crumble: Place the sifted flour, almonds, butter and sugar in a food processor and blitz until it is the consistency of medium-fine breadcrumbs. [t/c]