Seriously Fruity Seriously Grand Marnier & Mandarin Trifle with Marscapone

A grown up trifle laced with Grand Marnier and layered with mandarines and Tangerine jelly . Topped with fresh custard and marscapone and finished off with flaked chocolate

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

We have this in the summer for parties and Sunday lunches Its refreshing and naughty and I either serve it in individual glasses or a big trifle bowl depends on the company I am keeping A good old fashioned dessert but bought up to date with the Marscapone and Grand Marnier and everyone wants something refreshing on a hot day I guess you could use any orange liquer


  • trifle sponges soaked in Grand Marnier and then layered with mandarin segments set in tangerine jelly (made with the juice from the tin of mandarins) topped with fresh custard and then a marscapone cream top with flaked chocolate sprinkled over mmmmm


  1. soak the trifle sponges in grand marnier and make up the jelly using the juice from the tin of mandarins place the mandarins on the top of the sponge and pour over the jelly and refridgerate to set Make up the fresh custard and place over the set jelly and finish with marscapone which may be loosened off with a little cream Finish with flaked chocolate
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