Seriously Fruity Seriously Tropical Melt in the Middle cheesecake

A fabulouse cheesecake. Crunchy digestive base with either a baked cream cheese or moussey core with pockets of passion fruit sauce (that ooze when cut). The topping should be extremely shiny with passionfruit seeds to give a really tropical visual.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Either a true classic (Lemon tart/ Sticky toffee) or something just that little bit different!


  • Passionfruit coulis for the melt in the middle, seeds for the top. Madagascan vanilla for the flavouring of the main cheesecake bits (allowing for the flecks of vanilla to be seen)


  1. Either a baked cheesecake or a lighter (Cold set cheescake). The passionfruit coulis is frozen and added to the batter. so that when the cheesecake cooks it melt but does not escape.