Seriously Fruity Spiced Pear Upside-down Tart

Buttery puff pastry with a layer of apples and pears, flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange and topped with caramel.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

Lovely late-summer fruity flavours with a hint of autumn to come. The tart can be served cold with ice cream or cream, or enjoyed by itself.


  • 200 gms home-made puff pastry
    50 gms butter
    115 gms sugar
    3 large ripe pears
    1 small tart eating apple or half a Bramley cooking apple
    1 tablespoon raisins
    half teaspoon cinnamon
    pinch nutmeg
    finely grated rind of half an orange
    1 teaspoon plain flour
    15-25 gms caster sugar (depends how tart apple is)


  1. Oil round tart tin. Make caramel by melting 50 gms butter and 115 gms sugar, cook for 3-4 mins till dark golden. Pour into tin and leave to go hard. Peel and core pears, halve lengthways . Cut in long equal sized segments, place on cooled caramel in a fan shape, narrow ends to centre Peel and dice apple, mix with sugar, flour, raisins, orange rind and spices. Scatter over pears. Roll out pastry and cover tart. Bake 30-35 mins 180C. Cool a few minutes then turn out upside down.