Seriously Fruity Summer Berry Flan

A rich flan base with a filling of fresh summer fruits and maderia sponge type filling.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

The wonderful taste of the fresh fruit and the delicate sponge filling inside a case of light pastry, it can be served either warm or cold with cream/ice cream.


  • Use either shortcrust pastry or ready prepared shortcrust/sweet pastry as available.
    75 g waitrose butter, softened
    75 g golden caster sugar 1 large egg
    2 large tbsp natural yoghurt
    75 g sifted SR flour, pinch BP
    25g Waitrose semolina
    100g of brambles/ blueberries/rarperries to own preference


  1. Make shortcrust pastry , roll out and line flan tin, part bake allow to cool. Cream softened butter and sugar and the egg, fold in the yoghurt and stir in sifted flour, semolina and BP. You may need a touch of milk to soften. Put 1/2 spong on base, layer fruit in middle..raspberries and bluberries are best and cover with remaing sponge. Bake gas 4 180c for approx 45 mins, you may need to cover with foil if getting too brown. When cool, dust with icing suger.
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