Seriously Fruity Toffee Apple Crumble Tart

Rich butter pastry tart base, covered in a layer of indulgent vanilla custard. Sliced bramley apples placed on top with a light crumble topping. Finally a yummy toffee is generously drizzled over the crunchy crumble.

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

It takes a super fruit - the apple - which has been growing all summer. It celebrates everything British and is a fabulaour introduction to Autumn


  • Butter, sugar, plain flour - pastry

    Vanilla custard - make your own or use a good quality custard from the chiller cabinet - custard base to the apples

    Tart apples like bramley apple, peeled and spliced - apple layer

    Butter, sugar, flour, porridge oats - crumble topping

    Toffee topping - Dulce or make your own by boiling condensed milk in the tin


  1. This can be approached lots of ways and it always seems to turn out great. I blind bake the tart case, smooth the custard over then layer the sliced apples, put a sprinkle of light brown sugar when lightly sprinkle the crumble topping. Oven bake it so that the apples habe softens but still remain a firmness and their shape and the crumble is crisp. Cool and then generously drizzle the toffee.