Seriously Fruity Ultimate Cream Scone

2 Large rich fruit scones, topped with lashings of proper rich clotted cream, and a huge spoonful of fresh strawberry compote. Shop bought scones never use clotted cream and they tend to use cheap jam, so I always make my own, however it would be nice to buy a good one from Waitrose!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

A cream scone sums up the British summer. It is indulgent, rich and full of the best ingredients the country has to offer. It is also a dessert that all supermarkets sell, but none do it properly. They are always offered with cheap whipped cream and what tastes like the cheapest jar of jam available, yet when done well they are perfect.


  • I have an excellent scone recipe using lots of butter with good plump raisins and sultanas which I am yet to unpack after my house move! The quality of the cream is very important, as is the compote. It should be freshly made, not too sweet, with chunks of fruit still holding up. There should also be lots of it! The whole thing should be rich and well balanced with the buttery scone, cool cream and rich fruity compote.