Seriously Fruity Victoria Fruit Pudding

What could be better than everyone's favourite summer desserts combined in one sublime treat? Take a Victoria sponge and blend it with moist coconut macaroons and scrumptious toasted almonds. Layer those ingredients with ripe English apples poached in a blackberry Armagnac sauce and top with luscious whipped cream and tender blackberries. There you have it - the ultimate summer dessert!

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This dessert evokes a perfect summer day in the English countryside. A morning walk along the country lanes takes you past old apple orchards to hedgerows filled with juicy blackberries. In the afternoon, a village fete beckons, with delicious homemade cakes and teas. Victoria Fruit Pudding combines all the best bits of the day into a single memorable dessert, redolent of summer and long lazy afternoons.


  • Sponge cake, soft coconut macaroons, toasted sliced almonds, blackberries, sliced dessert apples, raspberry jam, Armagnac, sugar, water, melted butter, double cream (for whipping)


  1. Toast small bits of cake in a hot oven until dry. Process to fine crumbs. Break macaroons into small pieces. Poach blackberries in sugar syrup with Armagnac. Remove & reserve. Add apples to syrup & poach. Press out excess liquid. In baking dish, layer 1/3 of the ingredients in this order: cake crumbs, macaroons, almonds, melted butter, apples, raspberry jam (mixed with Armagnac). Repeat 3 times, pressing to firm mixture. Bake until cooked; chill. Cover top with whipped cream & berries.