Seriously Zesty Lemon Souffle with Caramelised Almonds

A refreshingly light lemon desert with a lovely caramelised nut topping

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

It is so light and zingy and caramelised almond topping is delicious. (Made by preheating frying pan and heating nuts and sugar together until sugar caramelised and nuts golden. Turn out on non stick paper, let them cool then break into pieces and place on top of souffle just before serving together with physalis.


  • Souffle
    Grated zest and juice from 3 large lemons
    5 large eggs (separated)
    4oz caster sugar
    1.1/2 tablespoons powdered gelatine
    Half pint double cream

    3oz sliced or flaked almonds
    3oz caster sugar
    Physalis to decorate.

    Make a souffle collar (non stick paper) to extend 3 inches above rim of dish.


  1. Put lemon zest & egg yolks in bowl. Add 6 tblsp sugar and whisk until light & creamy. Place lemon juice in bowl, sprinkle on gelatine. Soak 5 minutes, then place bowl over simmering water until gelatine has dissolved. Cool, stir into egg yolk mixture. In separate bowl lightly whip cream to soft peaks. Fold into egg yolk mixture and set aside. Whisk egg whites until stiff. Gradually whisk in sugar then lightly fold into the yolk mixture. Pour into prepared souffle dish chill 4/5 hrs.
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