Seriously Zesty Summer Fruit Surprise

A thin ginger biscuit base mixed with chopped stem ginger and its syrup. Covered by a light rhubarb mousse and then topped by a cream or 'Birds' dream topping

What makes it the ultimate summer Seriously From Waitrose dessert?

This dessert has it all. It's light, creamy, refreshing and fruity with an added zing. Perfect for some seriously summer indulgence!


  • Packet ginger biscuits, stem ginger plus little syrup, strawberry jelly, 3/4 sticks rhubarb cooked in water with sugar to taste, tablespoon strawberry jam, 3 large eggs, double cream or cream substitute, pink colouring if required.


  1. Crush biscuits, add finely chopped stem ginger plus little syrup to bind for the base. Strain off syrup from rhubarb and add jelly. Melt in microwave - leave to cool. Puree the rhubarb with any remaining syrup. Stir in cool jelly. Separate eggs. Mix yolks into jelly together with strawberry jam. Add few drops of colouring if needed. Whisk egg whites until really stiff, then fold them into mixture using a metal spoon. Leave to set, then top with cream or cream substitute.
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